Day of the Draft: Eagles 7-Round Mock Draft 2.0

It’s finally here. By the time we go to sleep tonight, we’ll know the outcome of the most anticipated first round of the NFL Draft in recent memory. Here’s my final prediction of what the end-result of the 2015 Draft will look like for the Eagles at the conclusion of the final round. It’s ambitious, it’s bold, and it’s just the kind of crazy the Eagles may need.

First round: 2nd overall selection (via Tennessee)
The Eagles make the move of the draft, and Chip Kelly gets the quarterback he once compared to Peyton Manning. Kelly trades away Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, pick 20, pick 52, a 2016 1st round pick, and a 2016 3rd round pick after the Chargers, Browns, and Rams also flirted with the idea of trying to trade up for this pick. This is the first of a few moves the Eagles make in this draft. The pick? Oregon QB Marcus Mariota

marcus mariota 3

Second round: 43rd overall selection (via Cleveland)
After trading their second round pick to the Titans in the deal for Marcus Mariota, the Eagles make another move. This time, Kelly trades Sam Bradford to Cleveland for the 43rd overall pick and a 2016 6th round pick. Now back in play in the second round, it’s time to start filling team needs. Kelly takes a guy he’s been high on for months leading up to the draft. The pick? Utah CB/S Eric Rowe

eric rowe 3

Third round: 72nd overall selection (via St. Louis)
The Eagles trade up three times during the first three rounds. They send Brandon Boykin and the 195th overall pick to the Rams for the 72nd overall pick. Possessing an early third round pick now, they draft a possible replacement for the departed Fletcher Cox. The pick? Stanford DE Henry Anderson

henry anderson 3

Third round: 84th overall selection
The 84th pick is the first original pick that the Eagles decide to keep. They need a safety in a bad way, and here they add a player with above average skill in coverage and in run support. The pick? Penn State S Adrian Amos

adrian amos 3

Fourth round: 113th overall selection
The Eagles had some options at wide receiver early in the draft, but they wait and decide to go after value in the middle rounds. Now targeting a pass catcher, Kelly takes the best athlete at the position in this draft. The pick? Georgia WR Chris Conley

chris conley 3

Fifth round: 145th overall selection
In the Eagles 7-round mock draft that I published on Sunday, I had Chip Kelly trading one of the Eagles’ fifth round picks for Dolphins’ edge rusher Dion Jordan. On Tuesday, Jordan was suspended for the entire 2015 season. With a possible trade for the former Oregon Duck now out of the picture, the Eagles will likely keep this pick. They need a pass rusher to add depth to an already-solid unit, and here they add an outstanding athlete with good third-day value. The pick? BYU Alani Fua

alani fua

Fifth round: 156th overall selection
The Eagles still have a need at offensive line. Though with the 156th overall pick they narrowly miss out on Sean Hickey, Chip Kelly takes a player who visited and worked out for the Eagles prior to the draft. The pick? Utah OL Jeremiah Poutasi

jeremiah poutasi 3

Seventh round: 237th overall selection
The Eagles may be interested in adding two wide receivers throughout this draft. That’s the target with their seventh round pick, and Chip Kelly drafts a player from his home state. The pick? New Hampshire WR R.J. Harris

rj harris 2

Four other players to keep an eye on throughout the draft: OLB Danielle Hunter (3rd round), OL Sean Hickey (5th round),  TE Blake Bell (5th or 6th round), and OLB Tony Washington (7th round).

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