LORG 2017 Week 1 Primer

Written by: Ray Butler

Along with publishing the League of Ruthless Gentlemen season-long projections, I’m also going to do a weekly preview that predicts the outcome of the week’s matchups. This will kind of give you an idea (throughout each week) of whether you’re outperforming/underperforming as it relates to the season-long projections. As I experienced last season, a 9-5 win can sometimes be relatively disappointing and a 9-5 loss can sometimes be relatively relieving. Posts like these will also help differentiate between owners who are doing an exceptional job and owners who are really duffing it.

Let’s take a look at Week 1:

North Correa vs. Super Gurriel Bros- Projection: North Correa wins 9-4-1

A rematch of last season’s championship, but only one of these teams enters the 2017 season ready to truly contend once again. The Correans should cruise to a sizeable win to begin the year.

Sausage Party vs. SeagerShine- Projection: Sausage Party wins 8-5-1

A matchup between two teams that will likely finish in the bottom quarter of the standings; on paper, Sausage Party simply has a more competent team for the 2017 season and is projected to win its inaugural matchup in LORG.

Dominican DDs vs. A Krismas Story- Projection: A Krismas Story wins 8-5-1

The McKinnon Streaming Experience officially begins this week. A Krismas Story will use its high-powered offense and streaming benefits to edge out a victory in week 1.

Joe Buck Yourself vs. Mookie Monsters- Projection: Mookie Monsters wins 9-4-1

There’s a lot of unknowns surrounding how Joe Buck Yourself will be managed from an active player standpoint this season. They can salvage points each week if they’d like (which might be why this prediction seems closer than you’d think), though, but Mookie Monsters will simply be overwhelming in this matchup.

Logan’s Heroes vs. Very Good Team- Projection: Very Good Team wins 9-4-1

Very Good Team has a chance to be very good in 2017. They should start on the right foot by easing their way to victory over Logan’s Heroes here.

The Disabled List vs. The Syndergaawds- Projection: The Syndergaawds wins 8-6-0

The only matchup in week 1 that features (spoiler alert) two teams projected to make the playoffs in 2017 is also projected to be the closest matchup of the opening week. This pairing should feature a combination of quality offense and quantity pitching. The Syndergaawds are projected to eek out a narrow victory here.


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