Ranking LORG’s 2017 Farm Systems (As of 2/27)

Written By: Ray Butler

Here’s how this works. I assigned each prospect a value based on their ranking in my Top 200 Prospect Composite Rankings. I simply found the sum of the values of the prospects on each owner’s team, then ranked each team accordingly. Here’s the scale:

1st Ranked Prospect-5th Ranked Prospect: 40 points

6-10: 38 points

11-15: 36 points

16-20: 34 points

21-25: 32 points

26-30: 30 points

31-35: 28 points

36-40: 26 points

41-45: 24 points

46-50: 22 points

51-55: 20 points

56-60: 18 points

61-65: 16 points

66-70: 14 points

71-75: 12 points

76-80: 10 points

81-85: 8 points

86-90: 6 points

91-95: 4 points

96-100: 2 points

>100: 1 point

And here are the results.. Note: I’m sure you’ll figure this out as you read, but the higher the sum score and prospect average score, the better.

#1. Van Moore- Total Prospects: 15, Sum Score: 422, Prospect Average Score: 28.13

Prospects: Brendan Rodgers, Lucas Giolito, Tyler Glasnow, Lewis Brinson, Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, Michael Kopech, Francis Martes, Kyle Lewis, Blake Rutherford, Kolby Allard, Hunter Renfroe, Zach Collins, Kevin Maitan, Jharel Cotton.

Van has more prospects than active players, but most of his prospects have top-notch potential. This competition was not close at all; Van (easily) has the top farm system in LORG. Seeing the trajectory of Van’s teams over the next two or three seasons will determine the path that non-contenders take in the future.

#2. McKinnon Ray- Total Prospects: 6, Sum Score: 190, Prospect Average Score: 31.67

Prospects: Alex Reyes, Rafael Devers, Amed Rosario, Josh Bell, Tyler O’Neill, David Paulino

A fairly major shocker near the top of the list. McKinnon’s four top 20 prospects helped land him ahead of owners who are currently in rebuild mode, and he actually has a higher average score than Van. How Alex Reyes recovers from Tommy John surgery will ultimately determine just how far McKinnon’s farm can take him (that and the fact that most of McKinnon’s current prospects will probably be on another team a year from today).


#3. Frank Selesky- Total Prospects: 7, Sum Score: 186, Prospect Average Score: 26.57

Prospects: Eloy Jimenez, Nick Senzel, Cody Bellinger, Josh Hader, Jorge Alfaro, A.J. Puk, Reynaldo Lopez

In the early stages of a complete rebuild, Mr. Selesky checks in at number three. Frank has four prospects who should be really, really good fantasy players and three players who might be really, really good fantasy players. One has to wonder if Frank will have as many prospects as Van this time next year.

#4. Adam Stumpf- Total Prospects: 6, Sum Score: 182, Prospect Average Score: 30.33

Prospects: Yoan Moncada, Ozzie Albies, Brent Honeywell, Ian Happ, Corey Ray, Dominic Smith

Allow me to proclaim this one more time: ADAM HAD A FANTASTIC PROSPECT DRAFT! How wild would it have been had Adam been ranked ahead of Frank? The two questions I have about Adam’s guys: How long will it take for Honeywell to forge a path into the Rays’ rotation? And, where will Ian Happ fit on a stacked Cubs roster?


#5. Ray Butler- Total Prospects: 5, Sum Score: 146, Prospect Average Score: 29.20

Prospects: Andrew Benintendi, Anderson Espinoza, Francisco Mejia, Mitch Keller, Ronald Acuna

The first owner who made the playoffs last season to show up on this list. Owning the top prospect in baseball (though Benintendi won’t be a prospect for much longer), Ray’s latter four guys have the potential to keep him in the top half of this list a year from now.

#6. Caleb Stumpf- Total Prospects: 6, Sum Score: 130, Prospect Average Score: 21.67

Prospects: Dansby Swanson, Aaron Judge, Alex Verdugo, Yadier Alvarez, Willie Calhoun, Tom Murphy

Another playoff team from last year, Caleb has a top 5 prospect in Dansby Swanson and three other prospects ranked between 40 and 50. It might be considered a pipe dream for now, but Yadier Alvarez COULD replace Swanson as a top 5 prospect this time next season.


#7. Zach Gerhart- Total Prospects: 5, Sum Score: 127, Prospect Average Score: 25.4

Prospects: J.P. Crawford, Austin Meadows, Jose De Leon, Sean Newcomb, Dillon Tate

Zach has two top-6 prospects and a guy who has (for now) seemingly fallen off the map. The Champion of the 2016-2017 Offseason, Zach could get some valuable contributions down the stretch from Crawford and Meadows if he chooses to hold on to them.

#8. John Morrison- Total Prospects: 4, Sum Score: 94, Prospect Average Score: 23.5

Prospects: Victor Robles, Kyle Tucker, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., James Kaprielian

THE CHAMP IS IN THE BUILDING. The reigning LORG champion currently holds Victor Robles, a super-prospect who, at the moment, is expected to be a perennial all-star and somewhat of a fantasy MVP over the next 15 years. VGJ should be near the top of prospect ranking lists around the time Robles gets the call to the Nationals (which very well may be in 2030 because Dusty Baker).

kyle tucker.jpg

#9. Ben Roach- Total Prospects: 4, Sum Score: 79, Prospect Average Score: 19.75

Prospects: Franklin Barreto, Mickey Moniak, Raimel Tapia, Juan Soto

Ben may have the most underrated farm in the league. Juan Soto should make a huge jump on lists between now and next season, and Mickey Moniak was the first overall pick in the 2016 MLB Draft for crying out loud! Now… if the Rockies decide to trade an outfielder and Raimel Tapia becomes an every day player in Coors? This farm system could be lethal.

#10. Gregg Morris- Total Prospects: 5, Sum Score: 75, Prospect Average Score: 15

Prospects: Manuel Margot, Luke Weaver, Bobby Bradley, Riley Pint, Dakota Hudson

If Riley Pint were projected to pitch in any other stadium in the entire league other than Coors, he’d be a top 50 prospect without breaking a sweat. Bobby Bradley could some day hit 30-40 big league home runs (though he’ll probably strike out 180 times in the same season). If Margot ever develops any power, he immediately becomes a 5-tool guy and a top 20 outfielder.


#11. Matt Smith- Total Prospects: 6, Sum Score: 67, Prospect Average Score: 11.17

Prospects: Jason Groome, Isan Diaz, Robert Gsellman, Lourdes Gurriel Jr., Rowdy Tellez, Adrian Morejon

This list isn’t designed for an owner with six prospects to be ranked 11th, but here we are. HOWEVER, Matt has a plethora of unsung heroes. I don’t see a prospect on his roster who doesn’t have the potential and ceiling to be a fantasy regular someday. Also… one of the first lessons I learned when I joined LORG was NEVER doubt or underestimate Matt Smith.

#12. Bobby Morrison- Total Prospects: 2, Sum Score: 29, Prospect Average Score: 14.5

Prospects: Bradley Zimmer, Christin Stewart

Zimmer’s stock fell during the 2016 season with his swing-and-miss ability (171 Ks) and a batting averaged that hovered around .250. The tools are still there (15 HR and 38 SB in 2016), though, and the Indians seem in no hurry to rush him to the league. Christin Stewart has some major power potential, and it’ll be interesting to see if he too can cut down on his high strikeout rate.



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