LORG 2017 Week 2 Primer

Written by: Ray Butler

With the first week of the 2017 MLB regular season officially in the books, we’re only beginning to get an idea of how the fantasy season is going to play out in LORG this year. As always, several big name players got off to a rocky start and several forgettable players are hotter than wildfire. There are sure to be some gigantic overreactions over the next couple of weeks, whether it comes to fruition via trade or the waiver wire. Take a deep breath and settle in for the long haul, though. We’ve still got 21 weeks of regular season left to go.

Here’s an outlook for week 2:

South Correa vs. Dominican DDs- Projection: South Correa wins 9-4-1

Both teams had self-admitted disappointing first weeks of the regular season. Now, they’ll face each other. The defending champion Correans have the edge here, especially on offense.

Sausage Party vs. A Krismas Story- Projection: A Krismas Story wins 9-4-1

Sausage Party’s first ever matchup in LORG didn’t go at all like it was planned, and now it faces one of the best offenses in the league that had a solid first week of streaming. On paper, A Krismas Party shouldn’t have too much trouble here.

Joe Buck Yourself vs. Logan’s Heroes- Projection: Logan’s Heroes wins 10-4-0

If these offenses perform like they did in week 1, this matchup will be much closer than its projection. I think Logan’s Heroes’ offense will rise from its slumber in week 2, which should lead to a relative (and projected) onslaught.

Mookie Monsters vs. The Disabled List- Projection: Mookie Monsters wins 9-4-1

The only week 2 matchup that features two projected playoff teams. I’m certainly interested in seeing how these offenses fare; hopefully they both play to their potential. Like it will be all season in these primers, on paper, Mookie Monsters are simply overwhelmingly good.

Super Gurriel Bros vs. Very Good Team- Projection: Very Good Team wins 8-6-0

Another good matchup, Very Good Team will be pushed much harder offensively against Super Gurriel Bros than they were in week 1. SGB outperformed their week 1 projection, and if they outperform here, it likely means we’ll have an upset on our hands.

SeagerShine vs. The Syndergaawds- Projection: The Syndergaawds wins 10-4-0

The current first-ranked team in the LORG standings will battle a team under .500 in this matchup. Should be a no brainer, right? Well, it’s hard to say. Let’s leave it at this: SeagerShine has a golden opportunity to officially turn some heads this week.


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