A Proposal: The League of Ruthless Gentlemen Hall of Fame

Written by: Ray Butler

So, this isn’t an original thought. This concept was introduced to us by John, who mentioned it when he linked another fantasy league’s home page close to a month ago.

But hear me out: I think creating our own Hall of Fame would be a lot of fun. It would also give us something else (and something fun) to do in the offseason each year.

We could make it as simple or complex as we would like. I’ve been thinking on this subject for awhile and have come up with some random thoughts/ideas as to a framework for a hypothetical LORG Hall of Fame, or as I’ll abbreviate it for the remainder of this article, the HORG. Take a look:

#1. Each owner would nominate one player each season (though I’d be fine with more, but this makes it most simple). I would take the responsiblity (unless someone else insists) of creating and mailing each of you an official ballot. Know what would be amazing? League of Ruthless Gentlemen official letterhead. Anyways, you would select the players on the ballot you feel are worthy of being in the HORG (I’m guessing we’d create a maximum number of votes per ballot), and you would either scan it and email it to me or send it back to me via mail. Whatever’s easiest for you guys. We could then do ballot reveals (if you guys wanted to) and I would keep a running total of voting percents on S&H.

#2. The possibilities of people who could be on the ballot are literally endless. We could nominate fictional baseball gods like Pablo Sanchez and Pete Wheeler, LORG superstars such as Bartolo Colon and James Paxton, and even former owners who are worthy of being in the HORG (ya know, one day when (perhaps) we have former owners who are worthy of being in the HORG). As a league, we could discuss the parameters of people worthy of being on the ballot.

#3. We could make the election process as easy or as difficult as we’d like. As most of you know, the BBWAA mandates that a player receive at least 75% of votes to receive election. We could make the election percent as low as 58% or as high as 75% (or higher… whatever).

#4. Speaking of the BBWAA, we could also create rules that could allow or prohibit players from being repeatedly featured on ballots from year to year. The BBWAA mandates that a player receive a minimum of 5% of votes to be eligible of remaining on the ballot the next season. Creating a similar rule would potentially allow for more variety on ballots, etc.

#5. I would keep a record of players elected to the LORG Hall of Fame here, on my website. I’m enjoying writing about LORG stuff and I don’t foresee shutting it down any time soon.

These suggestions are merely that: suggestions. We would shape the HORG any way we see fit.

Let me know what you guys think about this possibility. I obviously won’t fight tooth-and-nail if ya’ll think this idea is atrocious.


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