LORG 2017 Week 2 Recap

Written by: Ray Butler

It was an extraordinarily tight week 2 in LORG. Closeness has been the theme thru the first two weeks of the regular season. How long will it continue?

Here’s a summary of our week 2 games, many of which were decided during Sunday Night Baseball:

South Correa and Dominican DDs tie 7-7-0

Both of these owners took at least three categories in both batting and pitching. Obviously, that means that this matchup was tight. In general, the pitching in this contest was exquisite. Offensive MOP= Wil Myers, Pitching MOP= James Paxton

Sausage Party defeats A Krismas Story 8-6-0

If you missed it, Greg Bird flipped three categories with one swing of the bat during Sunday Night Baseball, sending an absolute bomb into the right field bleachers to hand Adam home runs and RBIs while tying total bases. Bird would later hit a double to award Adam the category. This feels like a fairly large upset, and certainly something to keep a rebuilding team’s spirits high. Offensive MOP= Jose Ramirez, Pitching MOP= Ervin Santana

Logan’s Heroes defeats Joe Buck Yourself 12-2-0

Bobby swept Van offensively, and pitching wasn’t too much better. A Yadier Molina home run on Sunday Night Baseball was the cherry-on-top in a much improved week for Logan’s Heroes. Offensive MOP= Jose Altuve, Pitching MOP= Ian Kennedy

Mookie Monsters and The Disabled List tie 7-7-0

Another fascinatingly close matchup, like John and Ben’s matchup, both Gregg and Zach won at least three categories in both hitting and pitching. This would be an absolutely lovely playoff matchup. Offensive MOP= Bryce Harper, Pitching MOP= Chris Sale

Super Gurriel Bros defeats Very Good Team 9-5-0

Never. Doubt. Matt. Smith. This was simply a high-quality matchup between two good fantasy teams and two good fantasy owners. While Matt finished a four-point victor, it truly seems like this contest would go either way no matter how many times it was played. Offensive MOP= Yoenis Cespedes, Pitching MOP= Carlos Carrasco

The Syndergaawds and SeagerShine tie 7-7-0

Perhaps the closest matchup of them all, an eighth inning Aaron Judge walk swung OBP to Frank, then the Yankees scored enough runs to keep Aroldis Chapman at bay in the bullpen, which allowed Frank to maintain his lead in innings pitched. Frank took six offensive categories, Ray took six pitching categories. The Cinderella story continues. Offensive MOP= Marcell Ozuna, Pitching MOP= Dylan Bundy



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