LORG 2017 Week 3 Primer

Written by: Ray Butler

Two weeks down, twenty to go! An early plethora of injuries have hamstrung several of LORG’s teams, but the beat goes on regardless. You can almost sense the growing nervousness and anxiety that we’re all having with certain players around the league. Patience, everyone!

What does week 3 have in store?

South Correa vs. Sausage Party- Projection: South Correa wins 9-5-0

The defending champion versus the newcomer. The Sausage Party is experiencing the growing pains of rebuilding, and that’ll continue here. I find it crazy that no one has pointed out the possibility that the real Greg Bird absolutely may have been kidnapped has held its own so far through two weeks, and it’ll be interesting to see if its sustainable. So many good, young players regardless. There will be some flashes in the pan from the Sausage Party from time to time this year, but South Correa should cruise here.

Dominican DDs vs. Super Gurriel Bros- Projection: DD and SGB tie 7-7-0

From a projection standpoint, these squads are two of the most closely matched in the entire league. And though it’s still extremely early, this matchup also features two teams who are hovering around the playoff picture. Look for this one to go back-and-forth all week.

Joe Buck Yourself vs. Very Good Team- Projection: Very Good Team wins 10-4-0

If Joe Buck Yourself finds a way to score four points against Very Good Team, it’ll be the team’s season high. That doesn’t seem good. But that’s okay: there’s bound to be plenty of bumps and bruises on the rebuilding road. Very Good Team should have a relatively worry-free week.

Mookie Monsters vs. SeagerShine- Projection: Mookie Monsters wins 10-4-0

Though rebuilding like his leaguemates Sausage Party and Joe Buck Yourself, SeagerShine has found a way to keep his head above water so far this season. But now it faces Mookie Monsters, the most talented team (on paper) in the entire league. There could be bloodshed in this matchup.

Logan’s Heroes vs. The Disabled List- Projection: The Disabled List wins 8-5-1

The Disabled List certainly has some health issues in its starting rotation, but quantity pitching shouldn’t be too much of an issue this week against Logan’s Heroes. But if LH’s offense can have a repeat performance of week 2 with a little added power, this should be a fun, close matchup.

A Krismas Story vs. The Syndergaawds- Projection: The Syndergaawds wins 7-6-1

The only week 3 LORG matchup featuring two projected playoff teams, this will be a contest between two offenses who have underwhelmed thus far in 2017. Any matchup featuring A Krismas Story will also feature lots and lots of pitching (which can mean predetermined pitching category results), so the better offense should take home a victory in week 3.

Now with its new (and perhaps permanent) home and an added column, here’s what the updated season long projections look like…..

Rank Team Win Loss Tie % % ∆ GB
1 Mookie Monsters 194 96 18 .669 -.007
2 North Correa 184 102 22 .643 -.014 8
3 The Syndergaawds 167 123 18 .576 -.017 27
4 Very Good Team 167 127 14 .568 -.010 29
5 The Disabled List 161 134 13 .546 +.015 35.5
6 Super Gurriel Bros 154 141 13 .522 +.015 42.5
7 A Krismas Story 152 142 14 .517 -.017 44
8 Dominican DDs 141 157 10 .473 +.014 57
9 Logan’s Heroes 136 158 14 .463 +.004 60
10 Sausage Party 108 187 13 .366 -.008 88.5
11 SeagerShine 103 189 16 .353 +.026 92
12 Joe Buck Yourself 85 204 19 .294 -.016 108.5

Most Overachieving Team: SeagerShine (Now projected to win 7 more games than original projection).

Most Underachieving Team: The Syndergaawds (Now projected to win 5 fewer games than original projection).


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