LORG 2017 Week 2 Heroes and Zeroes

Written by: Ray Butler

Contributions by: Zach Gerhart

You’ve already read the week 2 recap, but let’s take a moment to focus on the players who had the largest positive impact and largest negative impact on their respective teams. Remember: for a player to be eligible for offensive or pitching hero, they must play on a winning team. For a player to be eligible for offensive or pitching zero, they must player on a losing team. I figured you deserved a reminder since this is only the second time one of these has blessed your device.

Here we go:

Week 2 Offensive Hero: Logan’s Heroes’ 2B Jose Altuve

A god to small people, Altuve had 7 R, 2 RBI, 2 K, 12 TB, a .667 OBP (!!!) and 4 NSB (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in week two. Even without a ball hit over the fence, the Astros’ second baseman totaled a whopping 61.7% of Bobby’s week 2 offensive production. When you consider that Bobby absolutely blew away Van’s offense in route to a batting sweep, that’s quite the accomplishment for Altuve.

Week 2 Offensive Zero: Very Good Team’s OF Kole Calhoun

Typically a consistent contributor, Calhoun was off his game in week 2, totaling 0 R, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 7 K’s, 5 TB, and an OBP of .217. Even more frustrating is the fact that Caleb only lost OBP by .001. When a fantasy contributor like Calhoun comes up small, the impact is felt across the seven offensive categories. Calhoun totaled -12.3% of Caleb’s offense in week 2.

Week 2 Pitching Hero: South Correa’s SP James Paxton

Look liiikeee we maaaaade ittttttt. Mr. Paxton is truly dominating hitters thru two weeks of the regular season. I’m talking about top-of-the-mountain performance here. The oft-injured southpaw had 15.0 IP and gave up 6 H and 3 BB while striking out 17. He didn’t allow a single earned run in his two starts last week, and (obviously) both his outings led to quality starts. Paxton totaled 36.5% of John’s pitching performance in week 2. With his injury past, we’ll continue walking on egg shells when discussing or evaluating Paxton. But we could really be on to something here, folks.

Week 2 Pitching Zero: Joe Buck Yourself’s SP Tyler Glasnow

After getting absolutely smoked by the Reds’ hapless offense last Monday, Pirates’ pitching coach Ray Searage promised we’d see a tweaked delivery in his next appearance against the Cubs. The new and improved mechanics led Glasnow to allowing six hits and two walks in only five innings against Chicago while posting a 7.20 ERA. Yeah, not great. For the week, Glasnow had 6.2 IP and surrendered 10 H, 7 BB, and a 12.15 ERA while striking out 8. He accounted for a total of -12.1% of Van’s pitching performance. Glasnow is still green, but after an ominous 2016 season and a rough start to the 2017 season, people are beginning to wonder if he’ll ever reach his potential.


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