LORG 2017 Week 3 Recap

Written by: Ray Butler

We are more than a quarter of the way through the first half of the season. For as tight and nerve wracking as week 2 was, week 3 was quite the opposite. We had four blow outs, a four point win, and a tie (because Ben is still in the league).

Here’s a full look at what went down throughout the past week:

South Correa defeats Sausage Party 9-5-0

Nothing too noteworthy or memorable went down in this matchup (which played to its projection). I’m guessing both of these owners are more than happy to move on to week 4. Offensive MOP= Charlie Blackmon, Pitching MOP= Mike Foltynewicz

Dominican DDs and Super Gurriel Bros tie 7-7-0

Anyone want to offer odds that all 22 regular season matchups that feature the Dominican DDs end in a tie? It’s been uncanny so far. This was a solid matchup even though there were no eye-popping statistical categories. Offensive MOP= Mike Trout, Pitching MOP= Michael Fulmer

Very Good Team defeats Joe Buck Yourself 11-3-0

Very Good Team (one of the most powerful teams in this league each year) only topped Joe Buck Yourself by one home run despite JBY not starting a 1B or SS all week. Fantasy baseball is so weird sometimes. Offensive MOP= Freddie Freeman, Pitching MOP= Lance Lynn

Mookie Monsters defeats SeagerShine 13-1-0

The three previously mentioned matchups in week 3 were largely forgettable. This one was not. Fourteen players in this contest had double digit total bases. There were a combined 250 total bases, which averages out to an approximately combined 36 total bases a day. That’s no small feat. Offensive MOP= Bryce Harper, Pitching MOP= Ivan Nova

Logan’s Heroes defeats The Disabled List 10-3-1

Now we get to the two upsets of the week. The usually-powerful Disabled List only managed to hit 7 HR, which certainly affected his other offensive categories as well. Logan’s Heroes took six of the seven offensive categories despite only receiving a minor contribution from Daniel Murphy. Offensive MOP= Nelson Cruz, Pitching MOP= Max Scherzer

A Krismas Story defeats The Syndergaawds 12-2-0

Speaking of upsets, this was the baseball equivalent of a blindside block on a punt return where a player’s earpieces fly out of his helmet while his helmet flies through the air. Depending on who you talk to, it’s either beautiful or nauseating. An effort like this is what A Krismas Story envisioned when he pieced together his team. Offensive MOP= Giancarlo Stanton,  Pitching MOP= Brandon McCarthy


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