LORG 2017 Week 5 Primer

Written by: Ray Butler

Happy May! The final scores from week 4 look pretty similar to the final scores from week 3. Some of this, some of that. Ben played in a matchup that had a decisive outcome!

Here’s what the projections say will happen in week 5 (Spoiler- we’ve got some high-quality matchups this week):

South Correa vs. Mookie Monsters- Projection: Mookie Monsters wins 8-5-1

The Alabama/LSU matchup of the League of Ruthless Gentlemen. Did you know that Bryce Harper is currently on pace to score 208 runs this season? So far, we’re seeing just how good the Monsters can be when everyone’s healthy. The Correans will put up a good fight (especially with Miguel Cabrera’s reemergence on Tuesday), but it’ll be to no avail.

The Magnificent 7-7s vs. Sausage Party- Projection: The Magnificent 7-7s win 9-5-0

These projections are 1-3 this season when predicting The Magnificent 7-7s (formerly known as the Dominican DDs) do anything other than tie, but they’ll do it again in week 5 anyways. I’m interested to see what the Ian Desmond Coors Field Experience looks like, and what it’ll do for the Sausage Party.

SeagerShine vs. Joe Buck Yourself- Projection: SeagerShine wins 7-5-2

The Battle of the Rebuilders. Three years from now, do we think it’ll still be the Julio Teheran Trade, or will it be the Kevin Maitan Trade? We do know one thing: Objectively speaking, a 7-5 win over Joe Buck Yourself is basically a loss in 2017, just like a 7-5 loss for Joe Buck Yourself is basically a win.

A Krismas Story vs. Logan’s Heroes- Projection: A Krismas Story wins 8-5-1

These two teams are polar opposites of each other. It’ll actually be fun to see how much A Krismas Story dials down the streaming this week. Logan’s Heroes is the biggest surprise we’ve had so far this season. This matchup should be a good one.

The Disabled List vs. Very Good Team- Projection: Very Good Team wins 8-6-0

Another matchup between two heavy hitters. The offense should be plentiful and the pitching could be almost just as good. I think there could be up to five categories still up for grabs on Sunday.

Super Gurriel Bros vs. The Syndergaawds- Projection: The Syndergaawds wins 8-5-1

We wrap our weekly projections up with the FOURTH matchup featuring two teams that should be in the thick of the playoff hunt in the late stages of the season. It truly feels like this contest could go any number of ways and no one would be too surprised. I bet Super Gurriel Bros wins net saves, though.

An updated look at the season long projections..

Rank Team Win Loss Tie % % ∆ GB
1 Mookie Monsters 199 92 17 .684 +.008
2 South Correa 181 107 20 .628 -.029 16.5
3 The Syndergaawds 167 126 15 .570 -.023 33
4 Very Good Team 166 127 15 .567 -.011 34
5 The Disabled List 160 136 12 .541 +.010 41.5
6 A Krismas Story 157 139 12 .530 -.004 44.5
7 Super Gurriel Bros 154 141 13 .522 +.015 47
8 The Magnificent 7-7s 142 155 11 .478 +.019 60
9 Logan’s Heroes 139 156 13 .471 +.012 62
10 Sausage Party 108 187 13 .366 -.008 93
11 SeagerShine 103 190 15 .352 +.025 97
12 Joe Buck Yourself 81 209 18 .279 -.031 117.5

Most Overachieving Team: SeagerShine (now projected to win 7 more games than original projection)

Most Underachieving Team: Joe Buck Yourself (now projected to win 7 fewer games than original projection)


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